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You’Re UniquE.  You’ve Got Style.  Show It Off!

There couldn’t be a better time to personalize jewelry – even your pet’s collar tags or give gifts loaded with heartfelt sentiments.

Do you…
Love to hike in the mountains?

This Tinker’s got you covered with mountain scenes.
Trudge all week to afford weekend 4×4 adventures?
I got you there, too.
Maybe the moon is your jam?
Or Goddess symbology?
Or Pit bulls?

Gotcha, Gotcha, & Gotcha.
Plus a whole lot more “gotchas” too!

What We Offer

Pet Collar Tags

We create tags for medium to large breeds. These metal tags will not tarnish or rust and can be stamped on both sides. 

Stylish Fonts

Every tag we make is hand stamped with love, so why not add in a little style? Fonts (aka lettering) add character to your tag. 



Icons. Images. Scenes. Oh my!
We regularly add new icons so drop us a line if you have a special request.

Tinker Tags Top Designs

Listed below are our top three designs, but options are plentiful.
Choose a basic style below and then customize and personalize with lettering style (fonts), icons (images), scenes (we’ll make it together), and more.

Custom Dog Tag

The Original

The tag that got TinkerTags started. Printed on one side only. Includes an icon of your choice, pet’s name and your contact number. This tag screams “I love my dog! If you’ve found him, please call me.”


Custom Dog Tag

The Adventurer

This tag was originally designed for Kali, a favorite canine from my extended family. Not my dog but I love her just as much!

Kali loves the hills and forest nearly as much as she loves her family.

A slightly thicker tag, it can be stamped on both sides with any emblem, icon, or phone number.


Canadian Made Custom Dog Tag

The Guru

Like a guru on high, It seems that some dogs have come into our lives to teach us something. Compassion? Patience? Loyalty? Forgiveness?

From the stars to the mountaintop to deep in the forest, this tag is for your Guru of a dog – the one who changes your very essence.

This tag can be stamped on both sides, comes with one of our standard silver charms or a little rhinestone dangle.


Why Us?

Because we love dogs and people who also love dogs.

Seriously though, there are more than a few honorable reasons I started TinkerTags and why I think you’ll love us once you get to know us, but it is our planned future that makes us extra attractive. (I just need a little time to figure out how to make that future vision a reality.)

Maybe my future projection is two years away or maybe it is ten, but it is a worthy outcome to strive for because they need our help.

Core Values & Future Projection:


Canadian Made (From Foundry to Artist to You)


Good Value (Because We Charge What's Fair)




A Charitable Company


(Future) Senior Dog Sanctuary

Get in Touch By mail or email

We are in Canada, proudly serving Canadians. Our products are purchased at small Canadian foundries, then stamped, polished and packaged by Canadian hands. 


244 Cameron Street
Goderich, Ontario
N7A 3L3