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Below you’ll find three customer favorite designs for dog collar identification tags.

Custom Dog Tag

The Original

Slightly (and I mean ever so slightly) thinner tag than our others but they are loved and made to last. These tags can only be stamped on one side — ALL the info and the fun graphic has to squeeze into the front of the tag.

Our customers love this tag. Having sold over 100 privately and it being the first hand stamped tag launched, this is our most popular tag.


Custom Dog Tag

The Adventurer

For the dog that loves to run and play and bump into all things (like your shins and door frames). This tag is thicker, and because I’ve tinkered on both sides of the tag, it is slightly tougher. We call it “work hardened”. Toughened up for your adventurous, boisterous bestie.

This tag can be printed on both sides. Usually that’s a name on the front with a contact cell number on the back, but you do you. Maybe you want an address on the back? Maybe you want a cute saying like “Call My Mom, I’m Lost.” Whatever you like, I’ve got my hammer ready to stamp it into the tag for you! 


Canadian Made Custom Dog Tag

The Guru

One of our newest designs. Your dog’s name in a fun and quirky font on the front. Contact information on the back.

From the stars to the mountaintop to deep in the forest, this tag is for your Guru of a dog – the one who changes your very essence.

This tag comes with your choice of a mini silver charms or rhinestone dangle.


To The Future

A Family Dream That Honors Old Dogs

I want to tell you about this so badly. To pour out my heart to you and share my personal history with dogs, and old dogs, and why it matters so much that we give them dignity and not leave them un-adopted in shelters, alone and without their family.

But this has to wait for another day because Jethro is upstairs pacing at the patio door; certain that it is time for his evening meal and (following), his saunter through the back yard. 🙂 

Custom Dog Tags

I can’t think of any better way to blend my tools and skills with your love for an animal. We can’t have our furry friends getting lost and a shiny new tag from TinkerTags is a little extra insurance that if they do get lost, a loving human will help them get home again.

A Little Less “MainSTream”?

Your Chief Tinker Laura (that’s just too much fun to say) started her foray into metal by making risque rings and cuffs, and snarky keychains. All that to say, if you want something rude or snarky on a dog tag or collar ID, you won’t get attitude or judgement from me! Send your idea along and I’ll see if I can help you make it a reality.

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Usually working and as such, I’m unlikely to answer the phone. Plus, I kinda hate it. Having a phone attached to your hip really sucks the creativity and focus out of a person, you know what I mean? So write me a letter or, for a faster response, shoot me an email.


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